If Technology Isn’t the Goal of Education, Then What Is?

I love being an Instructional Technologist, to a great extent since it furnishes me with such a fully open field to play in. Instruction is as wide an industry as it has ever been. What’s more, innovation is surely a piece of it.

Subsequent to noting the “what is that?” question, I am normally gotten some information about innovation when all is said in done, and afterward its place inside training, explicitly. Individuals are captivated by the appearing to be consistent drive toward on the web or e-learning conditions and stages.

Innovation, the Goal of Education?

I am frequently gotten some information about our school’s new Learning Management System, or why we are keen on advancing toward Project-Based Learning. They need to know the how and why of our coordinated tablet program and when we will offer half and half and online courses.

Be that as it may, frequently individuals befuddle the objective of training with the apparatuses of instruction.

The objective of instruction isn’t:

Web 2.0 Technologies

Task Based Learning

Mixed or Flipped Learning Models

On the web or Hybrid Learning Models

Smartboards or other Interactive Classroom Technologies and applications

Versatile figuring

Innovation and its related instructional methods just speak to the new apparatuses of training.

Be that as it may, don’t wrongly think these new instruments are only substitutions for more established obsolete apparatuses; like the board and chalk, overhead projectors, and the VHS player. On the off chance that that were the situation, at that point how about we keep the old instruments, they’re less expensive and we definitely realize how to utilize them.

The Learners Inherit the Future

No, these new instruments are unquestionably more than new paint on an old outbuilding; these devices give the way to change instruction. They make it simpler than any time in recent memory for teachers to increase present expectations on what our understudies can achieve. Training should never again be about retention, note taking, and different decision tests.

The devices have changed generally in light of the fact that our reality has changed. The modern age is finished (regardless of whether training is simply starting to make sense of that). The data age is growing at a mind boggling rate. What’s more, innovation is the thing that permits a large number of us to keep up. Innovation carries information to our fingertips and in frequently not exactly a couple of milliseconds.

One of my preferred statements is by Eric Hoffer, creator of “The Ordeal of Change”, who stated, “in a period of fast change, the students acquire what’s to come. The scholarly end up in a world that does not exist anymore.”

Understudies are Being Asked to Dance to Music Yet Unheard

Our reality is changing – just like the universe of instruction. The job of instruction has consistently been and should keep on being one of arrangement. Be that as it may, the test is a lot more prominent than it has ever been.

We are in the matter of planning understudies for employments that have not yet even been made. We are requesting that understudies move to music yet unheard. What brings the undertaking inside concentration and causes the activity to appear to be sensible is innovation.

Be that as it may, innovation doesn’t rise to instruction. Innovation, alongside the numerous new teaching methods related with it, is the way to the end.

The objective of instruction, in this age, is to get ready understudies for a workforce that is as of now requesting such abilities as



basic examination,


worldwide mindfulness,

introduction and relational abilities

what’s more, the capacity to oversee time.

We allude to these as “21st Century Skills.” Teaching these abilities, in and alongside dominance of substance, is the objective of the 21st Century Teacher. Innovation basically gives us the devices to improve.

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