The Growth of the Education System in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Training and educating till the late nineteenth century was limited to composing, perusing and the recitation of the Qur’an in every aspect of what is presently known as Saudi Arabia.

The idea of Higher instruction in Islamic investigations just existed in the fundamental urban communities as it were. The genuine start of what is generally called these days “present day training” occurred toward the finish of the nineteenth century. The advanced training started in the Ottoman areas of Al-Ahsa and Hijaz. Later on, in the mid 1920s a couple of the private part schools began an activity of offering non-strict courses and subjects in a couple of the bigger towns however formally the cutting edge training was advanced by the state itself in 1930s. An immense system of schools was arrangement in the beginning of 1951. In the mid of year 1954 the service of instruction appeared and its first priest was as a matter of fact Prince Fahd Bin Abd Al-Aziz. The training for young ladies on an open level started in 1964, however it was unequivocally contradicted by the traditionalist circles yet at the same time the administration sought after its venture. The improvement plans presented by the state during the 1970s and the 1980s had a critical influence in building up solid and sound instruction framework.

The proficiency rate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was about 15% for men and about 2% for ladies however in 1990s this rate saw a monstrous increment, for men it got 73% and for ladies it got 48% and later on in 2002 the rate expanded considerably increasingly, 90.9% and 70.2%, individually.

Whatever the realities might be, the thing worth referencing here is that the Saudi government has put forth an outstanding attempt in setting the norms of instruction very high and that is plainly obvious these days.

Some more Highlights of Saudi Education:

In Saudi Arabia, it isn’t necessary to get training yet at the same time it is free for all and comprehensive of wellbeing administrations and study course material. It implies the stretch of training in is for the most part subject to the quantity of schools accessible in the different locales instead of different elements. Starting at now, it appears that the state is working thoroughly towards improving and expanding the pace of enlistment. As indicated by certain information:

In Year 1960 number of Students selected:

Young men: 22% and Girls: 2%

In Year 1981 number of Students selected:

Young men: 81% and Girls: 43%

In Year 1989 number of Students selected:

Young men: 1.4 million and Girls: 1.2 million

These days, it is viewed as that the level of female understudies selected has surpassed the level of male understudies enlisted and this figure is for the two schools and the colleges. In the year 2001 and 2002 there were around 28000 state funded schools and universities in Saudi Arabia, of which 16,600 schools and 73 schools were for young ladies as it were. While other instructive and preparing organizations came to various 214.

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